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Our Capabilities

02. Crisis / Issue Leadership

Crisis / Issue Leadership and Readiness

Organizations must cope with disruptive and unexpected events that threaten to harm the interests of the organization, its stakeholders, and clients. We help our clients identify, assess, understand, and manage serious situations with well thought out plans and precise tactical execution.


By developing a Crisis Management Plan, we help organizations anticipate and proactively prepare for whatever challenges and opportunities the future may hold. Our preparedness is designed to avoid and contain crises.


Our clients and partners have turned to us to navigate challenging and controversial events such as corporate malfeasance, pay-to-play allegations, financial irregularities, and accidental deaths, among others.

Pay to Play Allegations

Financial Irregularities

Accidental Deaths

Money Laundering

Cyber Attacks


Drug and Substance Abuse at the Workplace

Employee Arrests

Environmental Contamination


Labor Union Issues

Product Recalls

Safety Violations

Sexual Assault Allegations


Government Investigations

Health Scares

Act as Spokesperson

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