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Effective Communications & COVID-19

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Very few companies are immune to the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic. From supply chain disruptions, government restrictions, and facility closures to market volatility and changes in customer demands – a company’s need to communicate effectively to its stakeholders cannot be ignored. Your company’s communications to internal and external audiences must instill confidence and reflect reality through a clear articulation of the company’s fundamental strengths, how the company is addressing challenges presented by the pandemic, and what plans are being made for the future. This is particularly important as companies worldwide begin to look toward a more remote workforce.

Nardo & Associates supports our clients as they navigate new realities, helping them implement effective communications strategies that are transparent, agile, and adapt to rapidly evolving circumstances.

Leveraging our proven expertise, we are supporting our clients with:

  • Issue Tracking: We track vital trends and our client’s actions to address COVID-19 challenges by benchmarking responsible actions to help implement best practices.

  • Earnings Reports: We advise our clients on effective messaging and content that accurately communicates quarterly performance and future outlooks. This advice is backed by planned media engagements and post-earnings investor outreach.

  • Governance & Shareholder Engagement: We help our clients embrace virtual meetings by ensuring the quality of technology and connection between management teams, boards, and shareholders is solid. We are also preparing our clients for upcoming Annual Meetings and investment conferences that will be held virtually.

  • Operational & Financial Updates: We develop effective communications strategies and tactics for our clients that focus on:

Health & Safety Protocols

Business Continuity Planning

Facility Closures

Organizational Changes

Employee Furloughs and Workforce Reductions

Changes to Compensation & Benefits

Cost-Reduction & Liquidity Preservation Initiatives

Restructuring & Bankruptcies

Philanthropic Engagements

  • Planning Ahead: We are helping our clients think through internal and external communications strategies and materials for employee transitions back to worksites, extended or permanent remote working scenarios, and continued shifts in stakeholder demands

Key Contacts:

Dan Nardo / Barbara Kenney, MBA, M.S., CHRO

NARDO & ASSOCIATES / 617 657 9949

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