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Our Capabilities

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Communications That Matter

We help our clients face increased scrutiny and a greater demand for transparency and accountability in a wide range of communications. 

Our expertise in protecting and enhancing our client's communications during times of challenge, change, crisis, and opportunity allows us to help gain the support needed to achieve the mission at hand. 


Crisis & special situations

Organizations facing a crisis or special situation often require unique solutions. We help our clients communicate effectively in regulatory actions, investigations, ethics violations, accounting issues, cybersecurity matters, product recalls, and other unexpected situations. We support our clients during all phases of communications planning and response. In a crisis, a company is judged not only on the situation itself but also on how it responds.


restructuring & bankruptcy

Top law firms, bankers, and restructuring advisors turn to us for communications counsel for high-stakes, high-intensity financial restructurings and bankruptcy filings. We help our clients develop comprehensive communications programs to educate and maintain key stakeholders' support and minimize disruptions. We have a proven track record of communicating with different audiences, often with different priorities, such as employees, unions, investors, landlords, the media, and regulatory authorities. Our work usually begins well before any public actions while preparing for contingencies and engaging with key stakeholders to manage rumors and speculations, and continues through the completion of any reorganization.


litigation support

Top law firms turn to us for communications counsel for high-stakes legal battles where litigants need a strong advocate who can make sure that critical information reaches key audiences quickly and effectively. We help our clients and their legal team develop a disciplined strategy that supports the litigation's overall objectives without compromising business goals


corporate communications

Organizations must communicate with and engage internal and external stakeholders. We help our clients express important information accurately, credibly, and persuasively to a wide range of audiences, often with conflicting priorities. Our work ranges from strategy, employee communications, and client correspondence to message development, training, and media representation.


Transaction communications

Organizations must communicate effectively during merger and acquisition transactions. We help our clients create comprehensive communications strategies and leverage relationships, both internally and externally, to advance their objectives on a wide range of cordial and hostile scenarios, as well as IPO's and spin-offs. On behalf of our clients, we communicate effectively and build support for the company's position with key stakeholders. Our work usually begins during deal discussions and often extends through and after the closing to support regulatory and integrations milestones.


investor relations

Organizations are responsible for providing investors with an accurate account of company affairs. We help our clients to meet all your IR needs. We partner with senior management and IR professionals to establish and enhance IR programs, providing routine, offensive, and defensive support. We work closely with our clients to ensure their communications influence and resonate in quarterly communications materials, presentations, conference call scripts, and press releases. We also collaborate with clients to create compelling annual reports, proxy statements, and messages for industry conferences and pitches, leaving no aspect of an IR strategy untouched.


government relations

Organizations are faced with an ever-changing political and regulatory landscape. We help our clients navigate complex regulatory and policy issues on the national, state, and local levels by leveraging our relationships and communicating effectively.

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